Some Placement Test Issues

Yesterday, I went to the building where the international students study Chinese to get more information about the placement test. Turns out, that the placement text was last week and nobody at the registration told me about it. Apparently, there was a big mistake, because there were other students, who didn’t know about the test as well.. 

Then they gave me a short test to fill in. Most of the characters I had never seen before, so I thought “Great.. I’ll be placed in beginners 1”, but I filled in what I could and after the lady there examined my test (test, test, test..), she told me I will be placed at “Intermediate 1C”. I thought this was a high grade for me and I wouldn’t fit it but I decided to check it out first, maybe it wouldn’t be that hard. 

So, after that I had to buy my textbooks, which were too expensive, so I ended up buying 3 out 7. As I looked through the reading textbook, I didn’t have too much difficulty recognising the characters, so I thought that maybe this would be a good class for me, a little challenging, but still okay.

Well it was not okay. Apparently, there is a hu-u-uge gap between Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate 1. And my level is exactly between them. I had a reading class today, at Intermediate 1 and yeah, the text was fine, still had some unfamiliar words but overall the level was much, much higher than my actual level. 

So I decided to check how the level at Pre-Intermediate was. Definitely a lot better. I can understand everything the teacher says, and I feel better in this class.

So I think that being in a class where you understand what the teacher says and not being afraid to talk freely, even if you’ve learned some of the new words and grammar from the textbook is better than being in a class, where you understand almost nothing, just ’cause you want it to be “a bit more challenging” than your actual level.

Tomorrow, I have the option of switching my grade. I hope the teachers let me do it and everything turns out okay.

Sorry for the sloppy post, I just wanted to share this really quick. >.>


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